Cheap Naples Renters Insurance

With coverage options starting at just $5 per month, renters have lots of good reasons to be protected.

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Are you covered?

Your landlord has insurance. But it won’t cover your personal belongings. Find the cheapest renters insurance rates in Naples in seconds using our easy online comparison tools.

Why Get Renter's Insurance?

There are so many good reasons to get renter’s insurance…

  • Affordable
  • Covers personal property
  • Many landlords require it
  • Covered when you travel
  • Protects liability
  •  Covers additional living expenses

Compare Prices On Renters Insurance In Naples

InsuRabbit Tip​:

To secure the best rate, it's smart to get online quotes from at least three different insurers.

InsuRabbit's Choice


• Great coverage options starting as low as $5 per month

• Get Covered In Minutes, And Get Claims Paid Super-Fast

• Bundle your policies and get amazing savings


• Pay at little as $15 per month for AAA Renters Insurance

• Enjoy discounts and bigger savings when you bundle policies

• AAA members may enjoy an additional discount


• Great coverage you can trust for around $16 per month

• Bundle car and renters and pay as little as $4 per month

• Millions Trust Allstate For Their Insurance Needs


• Top-quality coverage for around $13 per month

• Coverage for the full cost to replace your belongings

• Save More By Taking Advantage Of Discounts and Bundling


• Great coverage for as little as $14 per month

• Take advantage of discounts like Renters Plus®

• Save even more by bundling your policies


• Get quality coverage for as little as $12 per month

• Bundle your policies and you could save big

• Take advantage of numerous discounts and save even more

The Hartford

• Get coverage for as little as $15 per month

• Save big by taking advantage of multiple discounts

• Bundle your policies and you could save even more

Liberty Mutual

• Customized insurance for as low as $5 per month

• Take advantage of discounts like online purchase and more

• Bundle your policies and save even more


• Get solid coverage for less than $30 per month

• Bundle your policies and save an additional 4%

• Discounts automatically applied when you get a quote online

State Farm

• Get coverage for around $15 per month

• Take advantage of discounts and save up to 17%

• Bundle your policies and save even more


• Customized coverage for as little as $10 per month

• Bundle your policies and save up to 10% on coverage

• Save even more by taking advantage of numerous discounts

Savings Worth Celebrating

How much can you save with InsuRabbit? As much as hundreds per year! Plus, our rabbit-fast process means you can save more, faster.

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See how much you can save on Renters Insurance with our trusted partners.



Compare Renters Insurance plans to maximize savings.



Saving on Renters Insurance has never been easier.

Why Shop For New Renter's Insurance?

We know you work hard for your money and that’s why we want to help you save as much as possible on your renter’s insurance. Did you know that shopping around could save you hundreds of dollars a year? 

  • More Coverage
  • Better Coverage
  • Cheaper Coverage
  • Compare Rates
  • Compare Coverage
  • Lower Deductible

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some typical questions about Renters Insurance.


If you’re renting your home, then your landlord will likely require it.

Renter’s insurance is extremely affordable, and the risk of not having your personal belongings covered could be very costly.

This insurance protects you against claims that others make against you. Depending upon your personal assets and individual situation, you might benefit from additional liability coverage.

This helps protect your personal belongings. This can include things like furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items up to a certain amount. If you own valuable collectibles, specialized equipment, or other unusual items then you might need additional coverage.

Depending upon where you live, you may want to look into extra coverage for natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, or wind and hail. Not all renters policies include coverage for these losses.

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