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In fact, you can get a great deal on boat insurance right now. InsuRabbit is an online service that helps boat owners compare rates from the top insurers in their area. We work with over 30 of the top providers, so you can be sure to find the best deal for you.

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InsuRabbit Tip​:

To secure the best rate, it's smart to get online quotes from at least three different insurers.

InsuRabbit's Choice​


• Great coverage you can trust for as little as $25 per month

• Save Up To 25% When You Bundle Insurance Policies

• Save even more by taking advantage of all sorts of discounts


• Get quality AAA Boat Insurance for as little as $25 per month

• Enjoy discounts and bigger savings when you bundle policies

• AAA members may enjoy an additional discount


• Tailored protection for around $60 per month

• Save More By Taking Advantage Of Discounts and Bundling

• Chubb has offered unparalleled boat protection for 100+ years


• Get quality coverage for around $30 per month

• Switch to GEICO and you could save big on your premium

• Bundle your policies and you could save even more

The Hartford

• Get solid coverage at around $30 per month

• Save big by taking advantage of multiple discounts

• Bundle your policies and you could save even more

Liberty Mutual

• Customized insurance for around $30 per month

• Complete a boating safety course and save up to 15%

• Save more by bundling and taking advantage of discounts


• Get specialized insurance for as little as $100 per year

• Bundle your policies and save up to an additional 5%

• Discounts automatically applied when you get a quote online

State Farm

• Average cost for coverage is around $30 per month

• Save more by bundling and taking advantage of discounts

• Enjoy personalized service and numerous coverage options


• Customized coverage options start at just $100 per year

• Members can save an additional 5% on coverage

• Save even more by taking advantage of numerous discounts

Savings Worth Celebrating

How much can you save with InsuRabbit? As much as hundreds per year! Plus, our rabbit-fast process means you can save more, faster.

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See how much you can save on Boat Insurance with our trusted partners.



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Saving on Boat Insurance has never been easier.

Why Get Boat Insurance?

Is Boat Insurance worth it? You should consider Boat Insurance if:

  • Your other insurances don’t cover liability
  • The loss of your boat could jeopardize other assets
  • You host guests on your boat
  • You use your boat in high-traffic areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some typical questions about Boat Insurance.


Perils like fire, sinking, and storms are typically covered with most Boat Insurance.

Almost any water-based transportation can be covered, including jet skis!

Almost everything is covered with Boat Insurance, including on-board safety equipment like life jackets.

That depends on the policy. Be sure to talk to your qualified agent when you get a quote.`

Again, this depends upon the policy. A policy based on actual cash value will reimburse you for the current market value of the repair or replacement (the original price minus depreciation). Some insurance policies may include agreed value loss settlement for total loss situations. This ensures you receive the policy coverage limits if your boat Is determined to be a total loss.

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