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At InsuRabbit, we take a different approach to car insurance comparison. We give you the tools and resources to get the best deal on the auto coverage that’s right for you — 100% for free and with no obligations. Plus, we’ll never ask for your personal information or make you fill out a lead form to get a quote; that’s so 2010. Instead, we connect you with our preferred providers like Liberty Mutual, AAA, GEICO, Lemonade, and so many more where you get your quote directly. It’s that easy! Thanks again and we hope you enjoy your experience.


Auto insurance doesn’t have to be expensive

In fact, you can get a great deal on auto insurance right now. InsuRabbit is an online service that helps drivers compare rates from the top insurers in their area. We work with many of the top providers, so you can be sure to find the best deal for you.

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To secure the best rate, it's smart to get online quotes from at least three different insurers.

InsuRabbit's Choice​

Liberty Mutual

• Bundle your insurance policies and save as much as $950

• Buy customized car insurance online and save 12%

• Good drivers can save up to 30% on their policy


• Drivers Save An Average Of $498 By Switching To AAA

• Enjoy discounts and bigger savings when you bundle policies

• Join AAA and get extra perks like repair discounts and more


• Get coverage for as low as $65 per month

• Save up to 25% when you bundle insurance policies

• Millions trust Allstate for their insurance needs


• Coverage options as low as $58 per month

• Save More By Taking Advantage Of Discounts and Bundling

• Chubb offers generous coverage options and perks


• Great coverage for around $114 per month

• Drivers who switched to Esurance saved an average of $462

• Save even more with discounts like DriveSense®


• Get quality coverage for around $40 per month

• Switch to GEICO and you could save as much as $500 a year

• Bundle your policies and you could save even more

The Hartford

• Switch to The Hartford and save as much as $507

• Bundle your policies and save up to an additional 5%

• Voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power


• Great coverage options starting as low as $30 per month

• Save with discounts like low mileage, EV/hybrid, and more

• Bundle your policies and get even more amazing savings


• Drivers who switch save an average of $700

• Bundle and save even more — as much as 4%

• Find cheap options with the Name Your Price® Tool

State Farm

• Drivers who switch save an average of $597

• Bundle your policies and save as much as $1,127

• Save up to 30% by using the Drive Safe & Save app


• Members who switch save an average of $725 per year

• Bundle your policies and save up to 10%

• Safe drivers can save up to 30% by using USAA SafePilot™

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How to pick the best (and right type of) coverage

Selecting the right auto insurance coverage is a crucial decision for every vehicle owner. Your auto insurance policy serves as a financial safety net, providing protection against unexpected events, accidents, and liabilities. When it comes to choosing the best and most suitable coverage, there are several essential factors to consider.

First and foremost, it’s imperative to understand that not all auto insurance policies are created equal. An auto insurance policy typically comprises various types of coverage, including liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Each type serves a specific purpose, and comprehending what they offer is fundamental in making an informed decision.

When evaluating your options, it’s tempting to focus solely on finding the cheapest auto insurance rate. However, the “best” coverage is not solely determined by affordability. It’s about striking a balance between cost and protection. A policy with the cheapest rate may leave you underinsured, making it essential to assess your specific needs. To do this, consider your vehicle’s value, your state’s minimum requirements, your driving habits, and your budget. Moreover, don’t forget to research the reputation and financial stability of the auto insurance company you choose, as this can significantly impact your experience in the event of a claim.

How to compare auto insurance rates online

If you’re looking to find the best and cheapest auto insurance for your needs, here are some essential steps to compare auto insurance quotes effectively.

Start with a list of well-established auto insurance companies (like the ones listed above). Having a comprehensive list allows you to explore a variety of options and increases your chances of finding the best deal.

Use online comparison tools (like InsuRabbit… hint hint) that are specifically designed to help you save time and effort when comparing auto insurance quotes from different companies.

Provide accurate information when requesting a quote. The details you input, such as your driving history, vehicle make and model, and coverage needs, directly impact the quotes you receive.

As you’re searching for the most affordable policy, it’s important to evaluate the coverage options and consider the type of coverage, deductibles, and limits that each quote offers.

Be sure to go beyond the numbers by delving into the reputation and customer service of the auto insurance companies you’re considering. Read reviews, check for any consumer complaints, and assess the overall satisfaction of policyholders.


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Factors That Determine Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance providers consider a variety of elements when calculating the cost of your coverage. These rates are not set arbitrarily; they are carefully assessed to ensure that you are charged appropriately for your specific circumstances. To get the best auto insurance rate for your needs, it’s important to understand the key factors that insurers take into account.

First and foremost, your driving history plays a significant role in determining your auto insurance rate. If you have a clean record with no accidents, traffic violations, or DUIs, you are more likely to be offered lower premiums. Similarly, your age and experience behind the wheel are also considered. Young and inexperienced drivers typically face higher premiums due to the increased risk associated with their demographic.

Next, the type of coverage and policy limits you choose also impact your auto insurance rate. A comprehensive policy with extensive coverage options will come with a higher price tag compared to a basic liability-only policy.

Additionally, where you live plays a crucial role. Insurance companies factor in your location because some areas have higher accident rates or more auto thefts, which can lead to increased premiums. Lastly, the make and model of your vehicle, along with its age, will affect your rates. More expensive or high-performance cars tend to have higher premiums, while older, more affordable vehicles often come with lower rates.

When it comes to where to buy auto insurance, it’s easier than ever to purchase auto insurance online. In fact, we make it easy to get (and compare) quotes from different providers in order to choose the policy that best suits your needs and budget. Simply scroll up to get started!

Why Shop For New Auto Insurance?

We know you work hard for your money and that’s why we want to help you save as much as possible on your auto insurance. Did you know that shopping around could save you as much as $950 per year? Additional benefits include:
  • More Coverage

  • Better Coverage

  • Cheaper Coverage

  • Compare Rates

  • Compare Coverage

  • Lower Deductible

auto insurance discounts that could save you money

When searching for auto insurance, finding ways to save money is often a top priority for many consumers. Fortunately, there are various auto insurance discounts available that can help you secure inexpensive auto insurance. Here are some of the most common discounts that can lead to cost-effective coverage:

  • Safe Driver Discounts

  • Multi-Policy Discounts
  • Good Student Discounts

  • Safety Features and Anti-Theft Devices
  • Low Mileage Discounts
  • Defensive Driving Courses

  • Loyalty Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some typical questions about Auto Insurance.


Unlike most forms of insurance, you are required to have auto insurance.

You can opt for the minimum required by your state, but most people choose to get more so they are covered in the case of an accident. 

Then you would be required to pay the amount that they are unable to pay. That is why Uninsured Motorist Coverage is essential. 

Right away! You must have auto insurance before you get behind the wheel.

Anyone that lives at the same address as you can go on your Auto Insurance policy. 

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